Talent Development

Talent Development

Data-Driven, Experience-Derived

Imagine implementing fully-integrated talent development programs that support your organization’s growth, and performance management programs that keep your employees motivated and revenue flowing into your company. Our Talent Development division will help you develop the candidates you hire and create programs for employee incentivization and retention across your organization.

We’ll meet with your executive team to construct customized talent development packages, while providing data and relevant examples of how your competitors are remunerating their personnel. By partnering with IMPACT Payments Recruiting, you can be assured your compensation programs are ambitious—and viable—in this competitive landscape.

People Strategies

Retaining Talent is Imperative

You’ve hired the best candidate, now what? Onboarding and employee development programs are cruicial to retaining talent and growing your business. Our Talent Development division, headed by Damien Henderson, FCIPD, enables high-growth organizations to scale globally by developing their people strategies to improve productivity, revenue and profitability. Damien has lead HR teams throughout the UK, Europe, North America and APAC, implementing global HR strategies to drive significant commercial growth and customer value through organizational change and improvement. Having helped fintech and payments companies grow by 150% and achieve 30% profit margin, Damien further enables our clients to reduce their cost of HR and improve their profitability through talent development.

Damien Henderson, FCIPD

Average National Salaries

Competitive Compensation is Key

Our partners are part of industry committees and associations (e.g. ETA, MAC, W.Net, NACHA, Money2020, MRC). Coupled with our talent development program, we’re kept apprised of the latest compensation trends — information that no other resource can offer.

 National Average

Beyond Base

There's more to compensation than money.

Employers continue to expand their compensation packages in order to attract top talent. Medical, dental and vision benefits, as well as short and long term disability and life insurance have become standard in many packages. In addition to salary, options such as company stock, performance bonuses, profit sharing, retirement savings and tuition reimbursement are being offered.

Keeping it Perky

Little things can go a long way.

Companies have increased their focus on perks, getting more creative in order to stay competitive. While gym memberships, cell phone and gas allowances and flex time have become the norm, other perks such as remote working, time off for volunteering, and paid child care are being used to lure candidates. In some more progressive markets we’re seeing dog-friendly offices, nap rooms, paid pet insurance and even beer on-tap in break rooms!

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