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No staffing challenge is too big or too specific for our team. IMPACT recruiters possess deep industry knowledge across various sectors, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Explore the sectors we serve by clicking on any box below.

Merchant Acquiring

The lifeblood of every card transaction: The Merchant Acquirer.

Merchant acquirers are the invisible heroes of every credit card swipe. They bridge the gap between merchants, issuing banks, and payment networks, ensuring smooth and secure transactions. From authorization and settlement to dispute resolution and data analysis, acquirers handle the heavy lifting that keeps commerce flowing. To thrive in this fast-paced industry, acquirers need top talent. They need visionary leaders who can navigate the ever-evolving payments landscape, along with experienced professionals to execute flawlessly at every step. These challenges demand highly specialized professionals with deep industry knowledge. Finding and recruiting such talent can be a daunting task.

That’s where IMPACT Payments Recruiting comes in. We specialize in connecting acquirers with the executive-level talent they need to navigate this evolving landscape. Let us handle the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process, so you can focus on what matters most: building a future-proof payments infrastructure.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Future of Payments is Here: Is Your Team Ready?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are revolutionizing the payments landscape, creating exciting new possibilities for both companies and consumers. However, disrupting the status quo requires the industry’s brightest minds.

Don’t get left behind. Build a powerhouse team with IMPACT Payments Recruiting.

Blockchain technology has evolved rapidly, with applications now disrupting every corner of the payments industry. Our expertise lies in connecting you with the highly skilled blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals you need to achieve growth and scalability. Take action today and unlock the future of payments with IMPACT.

Digital Marketing

Finding Fintech Marketing Unicorns? We Can Help.

In today’s competitive financial services landscape, captivating marketing is the key to attracting and retaining customers. Companies need storytellers who can craft compelling brand narratives, strategists who develop data-driven campaigns, and specialists who understand the intricacies of the fintech world. But finding these marketing unicorns with deep fintech expertise can feel impossible.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in connecting you with the top marketing talent specifically skilled in the financial technology sector. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a splash or an established brand aiming to expand your reach, we’ll help you build a high-performing marketing team that delivers real results.

Stop searching, start winning. At IMPACT Payments Recruiting, we leverage our deep industry connections and expertise to connect you with the marketing leaders who will propel your fintech brand forward.


Is Your Ecommerce Team Ready for Takeoff?

The ecommerce revolution is here. From global giants to niche startups, businesses are booming online. But to stay ahead of the curve, you need a leadership team equipped to navigate rapid change and seize new opportunities.

Don’t get left behind. Build a winning ecommerce team with IMPACT Payments Recruiting.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing ecommerce businesses. We specialize in connecting you with experienced leaders who possess the right skill set and vision to propel your company forward. Our strong talent strategy ensures you find the perfect talent fit to fuel future growth and lasting success.

Gift Cards, Branded Currency, and Prepaid

Cash is on the decline in our digital age. Companies are rapidly adopting prepaid cards and gift cards for payroll, rewards, and other payments. This shift demands strong leadership to navigate the growing demand for these digital payment methods. Is your team ready?

Building Your Team for the Future: At IMPACT Payments Recruiting, we go beyond just filling open positions. We’ll help you develop a talent pipeline strategy to ensure your team is always fully staffed and prepared for growth.

The Giftcard and Prepaid sector is booming, and scaling your team requires agility and expertise. Don’t settle for generic recruiters. IMPACT Payments Recruiting brings deep digital payments knowledge to your executive search. We equip your team with the right talent to navigate rapid growth and set you up for continued success.

Fraud & Risk

Fraud and Risk are nightmares for financial institutions. Incomplete payments, lost funds, and cyberattacks can cripple your business. Recent breaches highlight the need for a top-tier cybersecurity team. IMPACT Payments Recruiting can help you build that team with the best fraud and risk talent in the market. Secure your future, one hire at a time.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. A bad hire in this critical area can cripple your company’s security. At IMPACT Payments Recruiting, we understand the weight of these roles. That’s why we conduct meticulous searches to find the perfect fit for your fraud and risk team.

While finding the right Fraud and Risk personnel may seem daunting, partnering with a specialized recruiting firm, whose focus lies solely in sourcing financial sector talent, will help eliminate that anxiety. Contact one of our recruiting experts today to discuss your fraud and risk personnel needs and discover how we can be of assistance.

Financial Technology (FinTech)

FinTech is booming, revolutionizing financial services from lending and banking to insurance and personal finance management. But with this rapid growth comes a challenge: scaling effectively. FinTech companies need not just strong leadership, but a cohesive talent strategy. The shift to consumer-focused services demands highly specialized skills – a tough talent pool to crack. As consumer demand for flexible financial options grows, so must your team’s agility.

FinTech’s rapid pace can be daunting. That’s where IMPACT Payments Recruiting steps in. Our team of payments veterans has the know-how to navigate the industry’s ever-changing landscape. We partner with you, from funded startups to Fortune 100s, to find the perfect talent to fuel your growth. We’re more than recruiters – we’re FinTech consultants you can count on throughout your hiring journey.

Payments Industry

Digital payments are the engine of today’s economy, powering everything from card-issuing to bill payments. But staying ahead requires the right team. Is yours equipped for the rapid changes in technology and compliance? Impact Payments Recruiting has the expertise to connect you with the best Digital Payments leaders. Don’t just keep pace – build a future-proof team for lasting success.

Finding top talent in Digital Payments isn’t just about resumes. Our team at IMPACT Payments Recruiting are industry veterans who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the sector. We’re more than recruiters – we’re your expert partners. We’ll guide you through every step of the hiring process, ensuring you connect with the best-fit candidates who thrive in your company culture. Contact one of our recruiting experts today to discuss your plan and discover how we can be of assistance.