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In our increasingly digital world, cash is no longer king. The demand for prepaid payment methods, branded currency and gift cards grows every day as companies turn to digital payments for payroll, incentives, and alternative payment methods. Is your team equipped with the leadership talent needed to keep up with the growing demand?

At IMPACT Payments Recruiting, we are here not only to find the right candidates for the job, but to consult on a talent pipeline strategy to keep your team fully staffed.

Agile Executive Search

IMPACT Payments Recruiting was built by payments industry veterans to solve the challenges of a rapidly growing industry. We not only know where to find the top candidates for your company, but also understand exactly what it takes to succeed in the digital payments sector. You aren’t simply our clients, you’re our partners as we find the best talent for your unique needs, and act as expert consultants throughout your recruitment process.

Talent at the Forefront of the Prepaid Sector

Successful growth and scaling in the Giftcards and Prepaid sector rely on the proper skills to get the job done as well as the agility to predict and act on the rapid growth taking place every day. Don’t leave your executive talent search up to just any recruiting firm. IMPACT Payments Recruiting equips your team with our experience and knowledge of the digital payments industry to set your company up for continued success.

Partnering with a recruiting firm whose focus lies solely in sourcing financial sector talent is the smart strategic choice for companies looking to expand in the Gift Cards and Prepaid sector. Contact one of our recruiting experts today to discuss your plan and discover how we can be of assistance!

We needed to hire some cornerstone employees for real-time payments to start our US operations. The IMPACT team quickly found and presented a number of qualified candidates and led me to two rock solid hires that were just what I required and good cultural fits. We could not have achieved quicker and better results without the IMPACT team’s industry knowledge, contacts, and recruiting expertise.

David L.

CEO, Payments Industry

Working with IMPACT was a real pleasure from start to finish. Along with having a great understanding of the industry, they were thorough, professional and did an exceptional job of communicating throughout the recruiting process. I would highly recommend IMPACT as a trusted partner.

Mike H.

Technology Executive

I highly recommend IMPACT from both the standpoint of being placed by them, as well as a working for a company that has utilized the IMPACT team. Professional, excellent monitoring of the placement and good follow-up (without being overbearing). I will definitely use IMPACT in the future.

James G.

Payments Professional

The team at IMPACT Payments Recruiting has worked with us on a number of hires that have been critical to our firm’s explosive growth over this past year. From Vice Presidents to senior level Partner Sales Executives their team brought payment space expertise, multiple qualified and engaged candidates, and human resource expertise to every hire we sourced through them.

The surprising value add was not only the strong candidates but that they enabled us to hone our own internal job requirements, expectations and job descriptions. They consistently provided us competitive finalists for each hire we looked to have them help us with. The entire IMPACT team have become valued business partners.

Peter B.

VP, Finance

I would highly recommend IMPACT Payments Recruiting to anyone looking for a change in their career. Their approach to learn as much as possible about their clients and what company would be the right fit makes them a valuable resource. In addition, the vast amount of contacts that IMPACT has greatly affects the amount of time it takes to find your new career position. IMPACT Payments Recruiters are our advocates and are relentless in getting you the best job offer and the one that most fits your goals!

Doug H.

VP Sales, Acquiring

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Whether you’re a job seeker or looking to fill a need at your company, our relationship-based recruiting process ensures a perfect fit every time. Our recruiters have deep experience working in the sectors for which they source talent, so you can be assured our candidates will exceed your expectations.

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