Merchant Acquiring

Merchant acquiring is a critical element of credit card payment transactions processing. Acquirers enable merchants to accept card payments by acting as a link between merchants, issuers, and payment networks. They provide authorization, settlement, dispute management, and information services to merchants. To keep up with the high demand, merchant acquiring companies need to have savvy, forward-thinking executives leading their teams, and experienced and skilled acquirers out in the field. At IMPACT Payments Recruiting, we provide our clients with both.

Acquiring Recruitment Services

With the increasing demand for transactions to be real-time, flexible, and scalable, acquirers often encounter “build vs. buy” decisions, technology assessments, and platform evaluations—often while being limited by their existing systems. Because of the very specific skills and industry knowledge needed to make these vital business decisions, finding candidates with this expertise can be a real challenge. Instead of taking on the task of sourcing, recruiting, and hiring executive talent yourself, trust the experts at IMPACT Payments Recruiting to do it for you.

The Impact Advantage

By partnering with a recruiting firm whose focus lies solely in sourcing financial sector talent, you can be assured you’ll be introduced to merchant acquiring candidates that will meet—and exceed—your company’s needs. We’ve been placing dynamic industry talent for almost twenty years, which has taught us to know precisely what to look for in merchant acquiring talent during the search process. When your company partners with IMPACT Payments Recruiting to find your next acquiring hire, you gain access to the largest proprietary network of talent in the world with over 110,000 professionals.

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Our Sectors

IMPACT Payments Recruiting has the unique market expertise needed to assist clients of all sizes meet their staffing needs, no matter how challenging the role. Click on any box below to learn more about the sectors we serve.

Our Process

Whether you’re a job seeker or looking to fill a need at your company, our relationship-based recruiting process ensures a perfect fit every time. Our recruiters have deep experience working in the sectors for which they source talent, so you can be assured our candidates will exceed your expectations.
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