Who's Got Your Back?

Who's Got Your Back?

As a recruitment company with over 18 years of experience in placing top talent in the payments industry, we believe we’re the best choice for finding your dream job. But confidence and self-interest aside, once you’ve decided to use a recruiter to advance your career, what attributes should you seek in that person? Obviously you’ll evaluate the recruiter’s reputation, background, and experience. In addition, you should consider the following qualities when making your choice.

An Ally

A great recruiter invests time in learning about you as a person and as a professional. Their job is to find out your needs, your motivation, and what makes you a viable candidate. To do this, they need to dig deep and ask good questions that reveal what makes you tick, what you’re looking for in an employer, and your career goals. After all, the better they get to know you, the greater chances they can match you with an ideal job opportunity. We all know there are recruiters who look to make a placement and move on. Find one who genuinely cares about your career and is interested in building a long-term relationship. It’s natural to judge a recruitment company based on results, but it’s also important to look at how they handle opportunities that don’t pan out. Connect with a recruiter who addresses these situations with tact and honesty, and uses every situation to positively build towards the right fit.


A solid recruitment company can tell you far more about a position than what’s contained within the job description. They’ll know important details, like why the job is open, the personality of the hiring manager, the team you’ll be joining, and the company’s DNA. They should be able to paint as accurate a picture as possible of what the job will be like. The information they possess, based on experience and relationships, also enables them to thoroughly prepare you for the job interview. A recruiter might not know every detail about your particular position, but they should understand the nature of it and be conversant about it. Lastly, a worthwhile recruiter is someone who stays on top of the trends in your industry, as well as new developments in their own.


Like in any vocation, there are recruiters that rise above the rest through sheer perseverance. They aren’t afraid to leave their comfort zone and find creative solutions. Look for a recruiter who maximizes their resources, tools, and time to work on your behalf. Rejection is part of our business, so align yourself with someone who isn’t easily deterred and stays optimistic throughout the process. Also, make sure the person you work with is diligent about keeping you informed of where things stand.

There are those who prefer not to work with a recruitment company, but in doing so they close themselves off to a valuable career resource. Top notch recruiters have spent years building their network, nurturing connections, and placing candidates in positions that fit their skill set and advance their careers.


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