Traits Your Digital Marketers Must Have in Their Toolbox

Traits Your Digital Marketers Must Have in Their Toolbox

Internet usage has grown significantly over the last two decades. According to data from the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future, in the year 2000 the average American spent 9.4 hours per week online. By 2017 the average hours per week spent online jumped to 23.6. Smartphones have a lot to do with fueling this growth. In 2010 the percentage of people accessing the internet via smartphones was 23 percent. Seven years later that number jumped to 84 percent.

Businesses, of course, go where the consumers are. As a result, the role and importance of digital marketing has grown. Digital marketing encompasses social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and any means used to promote or market a product or service using digital channels. While it sounds straightforward, finding top digital marketing talent can be challenging. Here are three key attributes to look for when hiring to maximize your brand online.


Change has defined the digital space from the beginning. Consider that Facebook started out for college kids and Instagram began as a platform for photographers to display their work. Flux in a digital work environment can come from many places: technological developments, consumer preferences, social media advertising options, data trends, and search engine algorithms. To deal with this requires an individual who is flexible and can continually implement new practices, learn new skill sets, and stay up-to-date on best practices. In addition, they need to be unflappable when plans shift and be able to pivot quickly to a new course of action. Those who come from a traditional marketing background might be jolted by the pace.

Analytical and Business Savvy

Many components are needed to implement a successful digital marketing campaign, but none are as important as a deep knowledge and understanding of data. The best digital marketers are able to use data to draw insights into their customers’ behaviors and develop creative ways to affect it. In addition to having excellent digital analysis skills, the right hire will to be a risk taker willing to explore fresh marketing angles and thoroughly test their results. Passion for digital technologies is also a must. Professionals who are constantly digging for developments are more likely to uncover new trends, and will give their company an advantage over the competition.

Intangible Qualities

Digital marketers who thrive in this always-evolving field of work are self-starters who love a challenge. They have an endless thirst for experimentation and finding what will improve their results. Listening is also important. Digital marketers have access to more data than ever before, but putting themselves in the shoes of their consumer is still crucially important. Professionals with the desire and curiosity to learn the intentions, behaviors, consumption habits, and expectations of their target customers will make the biggest contributions to a company’s marketing efforts.  

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