The Struggle is Real: Finding the Top Candidates

The Struggle is Real: Finding the Top Candidates

If you find yourself making hiring decisions based on selecting the “best” out of a group of average candidates, it may be time to take an objective look at your recruitment strategy. High performers are out there, but they often have their pick of offers, making it a challenge to stand out from your competitors. Improve your talent acquisition process by focusing on these key factors:

Job Descriptions

The most effective job descriptions detract unqualified candidates and gain the attention of top prospects. Review your job descriptions to ensure they provide an accurate depiction of what the role entails – vague descriptions can lead to unqualified candidates mistakenly thinking they can handle it. The most qualified candidates will be able to tell at a preliminary glance that the job aligns with their skill sets, and be more likely to apply.

Application System

Mediocre candidates are generally more willing to jump through hoops to apply for jobs because they aren’t in high demand, but top talent is unlikely to put forth excessive time and effort to pursue a job opportunity. Take a look at your current application system and determine if it’s easy to understand and quick to complete. Otherwise, you risk losing in-demand prospects who find the process frustrating or disrespectful of their time. A good recruiting partner can help keep these passive looking candidates engaged while adhering to your interview process. Communication is key and a good recruiter will be in regular contact to ensure they are keeping the candidate apprised of the timeline for you, while keeping you, the Client, apprised of any changes to the Candidate since you last spoke.

Workplace Culture

If you notice that your organization is receiving initial interest from top candidates, only to have them turn down offers, or accept but not stay long with the company, it may be an issue with the workplace culture. Examine the current culture to see if there are any negative issues, such as low morale, that need to be remedied (check online for reviews on sites like Glassdoor of your company left by current and former employees, as these can often be telling). Other way to combat this is by conducting exit interviews. If you’re not doing this, start ASAP. If there are no problems with the culture, it may simply be an issue of needing to prioritize culture fit when making hiring decisions – even the most skilled and talented employee may not be an asset if they don’t align with your culture.

Company Branding

An influential factor for top talent when deciding which jobs with similar responsibilities and compensation to pursue is often a matter of company branding. Some organizations have a reputation that precedes them, whether for being prestigious or a fun place to work, which makes candidates want to go out of their way to apply. If candidates don’t have a sense of what it would be like to work at your company in particular, it’s less likely you’ll be a top choice. Focus on communicating what sets your company apart whenever possible, such as on your website, social media, at events, in your job listings, and more.

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