Ready for the Ride? Before You Startup, Staff Up!

Ready for the Ride? Before You Startup, Staff Up!

Startups are a unique beast. They require dreamers and doers committed to long hours in an experience akin to a rollercoaster ride. If you ask the successful founders of such ventures, they’ll tell you that properly staffing a company in its early stages is crucial. Startups are often at a disadvantage by not being able to offer comparable compensation packages to that of established companies, and the employment opportunities they provide carry a high degree of risk. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of using a recruitment company to help a startup with this monumentally important task.

Increased Productivity

Assembling the right mix of talent for a startup or young company requires strategy, care, and thoughtfulness. Anyone who has gone through the process knows that it’s mentally draining and time consuming to source, schedule, and interview qualified candidates. If done correctly, this includes going beyond merely accepting CV’s and involves digging deep to find key passive job seekers that can help bring a company’s dream to fruition. By entrusting this job to a proven recruiter, the existing team can concentrate more of their time and energy on the core goals that will take the company to the next level.

Expertise Out of the Gate

A new company needs time to fully develop their HR department. In some instances, in-house recruiters don’t have the expertise at finding the right type of candidates that thrive in startup environments. Seasoned recruiters have connections to a pool of talented candidates who possess the experience and personality required to excel amid the unpredictable nature that is inherent to a new venture. Not only can a recruitment company raise the quality of the hires, but they can put in place a system that will improve the hiring pipeline. This enables a company to scale up faster when the time comes.

An Advocate

A worthy recruitment agency will immerse themselves into the mission and vision of a startup. They’ll become intimately knowledgeable about the company’s business plan and passionate about their product or service. This in turn makes them a powerful advocate to promote the startup to qualified candidates that will fit the company’s culture and contribute to its success.

Whether you’re using a recruiter to build your core team or to grow your company beyond that point, using a proven recruitment company to insure you get off on the right foot is smart business. Attract top talent to your organization by partnering with IMPACT Payments Recruiting. IMPACT’s experienced recruitment consultants at IMPACT have been working with some of the most premier payments companies in the industry for more than a decade to connect them with top talent for high-level positions. Our recruiting team is comprised of former payments industry professionals, so we have an in-depth understanding of how to target and evaluate candidates for your hiring needs. Learn more about IMPACT – contact us today.

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