It's 2020 — Get Out There and Network!

It's 2020 — Get Out There and Network!

Whether you’re just embarking on your career path or a seasoned veteran, networking events are a common source of anxiety for many professionals. However, it’s imperative to make networking events a priority as part of your overall professional development. Here are some key benefits of attending networking events:

Expand Your Contact List

The more professional contacts you have, the more opportunities you will encounter to develop professionally. Having a robust network can help you gain access to job opportunities before they are listed publicly, receive positive and influential referrals, and even get your resume noticed by hiring managers. Attending networking events is an ideal way to expand your contact list because everyone is there for that same reason, so introductions flow easier than in cold-calling situations.

Broaden Your Horizons

Whether you’re wondering what steps to take to your dream job or are looking for advice on your resume, attending networking events can get you into contact with more experienced professionals who are often happy to answer your questions. You also have the opportunity to interact with peers who can help you learn new things about your particular industry or profession.

Get Inspired

Being in the presence of other like-minded individuals who share your interest in professional development or passion about your industry at networking events can often invigorate your mindset and motivate you to set new goals. You may find that a short conversation with someone at an event can result in you gaining inspiration to hone a new skill or even pursue a different job or profession altogether.

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