Interview Coming Up? You Got This!

Interview Coming Up? You Got This!

An experienced recruitment company can help a candidate thoroughly prepare for a job interview. They can provide critical insights into the personalities, backgrounds, and hot buttons of the people the candidate needs to impress in order to get the job. In addition, a recruiter can offer pertinent details about a company’s work environment and other intangibles. These resources enable a candidate to present themselves and their work experiences in the most favorable light. The success of a recruiter’s involvement, however, depends on how coachable a candidate is. Those who are open to suggestions on how to play up skills and achievements that are relevant to the position and ways to handle potential weaknesses on their CV will infinitely improve their interview performance.

Pre-interview To-Dos

Double check your LinkedIn profile and social media pages to make sure there isn’t anything that could hinder your chances of being hired. Next, go through the logistics of the interview or consider doing a dry run. How long will it take, with traffic, to get to the company’s office in order for you to have ample time to comfortably get settled? How far from the office will you have to park? These are simple things that will become stressful ones if you don’t preplan. Once you arrive for your interview, treat every person you come in contact with at the company as if they are deciding your fate. By being friendly and professional to every touchpoint you encounter, you keep yourself in the right head space and potentially impress someone who can influence the hiring decision. While waiting for your interview to begin resist cramming your brain with last minute information. Instead, relax and take in your surroundings. There might be something interesting you see that you can use to break the ice once you meet your interviewer, or bring up during your discussion.


Before you begin practicing for the interview, do extensive research on the company and the people you’ll be meeting with. Google the employer and look at their social media channels for recent successes and upcoming developments. Also, educate yourself on the company’s biggest competitors. Use LinkedIn to learn about the work background and hobbies of your interviewers. By uncovering things you have in common, you’ll be able to more easily form a bond. Work to make your answers to potential interview questions impactful but not long-winded. Practice in front of a mirror or take a video of yourself to see how you look and sound. In highlighting challenges you’ve faced in prior positions and the actions you took to achieve success, incorporate engaging stories. This will make you stand out in the interviewer’s mind far more than if you just offer bland facts. Be certain to never talk negatively about a former employer or boss. You’ll leave a far better impression if you can put a positive spin on your past experiences.

Nonverbal Cues

The power and importance of nonverbal communication is often overlooked in the interview process. Before you say a word to someone, they’ve already formed an opinion. According to research, 33% of hiring managers know if they’re going to hire someone within the first 90 seconds. That’s why it’s imperative to dress neatly and appropriately, make sure you smile, make eye contact, and firmly shake the interviewer’s hand. Maintain good posture throughout the interview and be sure not to fidget. Your goal should be to come off as energetic, enthusiastic and interested, without being over exuberant. Remember, the wrong nonverbal cues can paint an unfavorable image that is extremely difficult to undo.

If you’ve extensively prepared for an interview, you’ll come across with confidence and your personality will shine. Immediately after your interviews, send a handwritten thank you note to each person you met with. This personal touch stands out far more than a generic thank you email in a crowded inbox.

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