How to Bolster Your Employer Brand

How to Bolster Your Employer Brand

If your employees were asked to come up with a tagline for your company, what would it be? It’s an important question to ask, because how employees perceive where they work impacts their job performance. And the narrative that emanates from them and your past employees creates a company image that affects your ability to attract top talent. Consider that 75% of job seekers take a company’s brand into consideration before applying for a job (LinkedIn survey, 2015). Incredibly, 69% wouldn’t take a job—even if they were unemployed—with a company they felt had a bad reputation. (Corporate Responsibility Magazine / Allegis Group Services Study, August 2012) Here’s three ways you can make your company more attractive to potential hires.

Comprehend Current Perceptions

Understanding how your company is perceived by past and current employees, as well as job applicants, is a necessary first step. Make use of surveys, focus groups, exit interviews, and outside feedback to get answers to the following key questions. What makes candidates attracted to your company? What do your current employees see as being unique about your company? What’s do they cherish most about working for you? What’s the most common reasons some have stayed and others have left?

Emphasize Your Mission

People are interested in doing good while doing well. Among millennials, 62% would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company (Cone Communications survey, 2015). Is there something your company is doing to make the world a better place? If so, bring it out in your employment branding. Do more than just relay the facts of your mission—convey an intriguing story so that perspective workers are motivated to become part of it. In addition, highlight any charitable contributions your company makes within the community.

Have a Strong Online Presence

Social media enables you to give the world a window into your workplace. If done effectively, it can give potential employees a reason to want to join your team. Provide your current employees with a platform to share their work stories. Also, encourage them to share their company experiences on their personal social media pages. If you have cool company events, or do fun things to celebrate employee birthdays or work anniversaries, post videos and photos. LinkedIn is a great place to engage potential candidates with your company culture and promote impressive accomplishments. You can also create unique themed boards on Pinterest for employees to post on.

Before someone decides to work for you, they’ll most likely check out Glassdoor, and similar websites, to read the experiences of your current and past employees. Don’t ignore these websites—monitor what’s being said about your company and add your input when necessary.
Several studies have shown that a majority of job seekers are willing to accept less money for a position if they perceive a company as having a strong employer brand. And once they’re onboard, they’re less likely to leave because they know what to expect. So work to strengthen your company’s image, and make your employee value proposition clear and compelling. It will be time and effort well spent.


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