4 Things Recruiters Wish You Knew

4 Things Recruiters Wish You Knew

Working with a recruitment company to advance your career, or scale your team, is a wise decision. Finding the right job or stand-out candidate can be like looking for a needle in a haystack – especially in highly competitive sectors. Statistics show that candidates placed by recruiters last twice as long in their positions as those who come to their jobs by other means. A great recruiter has their pulse on lucrative job openings, changes in your industry, as well as exciting startup ventures. This is valuable information that can be difficult to stay abreast of while you’re working and living your life. Once you decide to use a recruitment company, here’s the best way to ensure a fruitful, long-lasting relationship.

Be Honest

The more we know about your expectations, requirements, and aspirations, the more likely we’ll be able to fulfill them. By not knowing or not sharing what you’re looking for in a job only leads both parties down the wrong road. So create your wish list and share it with us. It’s equally important to share specific and measurable job achievements, or intangibles that work within your company’s culture, with a recruiter versus superfluous information.

Be Open to Suggestions

Recruiters talk to companies and candidates within your specific industry all day, every day. Therefore, we know the ins and outs of our field and are experts at what we do—placing highly qualified candidates. Our contacts with hiring personnel, vendors, and other candidates can prove invaluable in the interviewing process and on deciding whether you should accept or offer, a position. By using a recruiter as a sounding board and considering their suggestions, you increase your chances of getting the job or landing the candidate you want.

Be Coachable

Sometimes it helps to have an outsider’s perspective—especially one with years of experience—to point out things you can work on or change. It could be highlighting certain work experience you have in an interview or modifying a portion of your resume. If you’re hiring, it could be what to questions to ask to determine if the candidate can actually handle to task you’re hiring for. Being able to take constructive criticism is imperative for growth. Wisdom comes from wanting to improve, not from needing to be right. Remember, in the end a recruiter has the goal as you do—to find a good match.


A recruitment company is only as good as the companies they work with. To have a successful relationship with a recruiter, you need to trust that they have carefully chosen their clients. A good recruiter always has their ear to the ground and is continually assessing the best companies to work for in your industry. As recruiters, we are in the relationship-building business and consider trust to be the cornerstone for long-term success.

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