Employees Jumping Ship?

Employees Jumping Ship?

It’s easy to spot a dedicated worker. They’re passionate, they’re proactive, they have a positive attitude, and they make a huge difference to the bottom line of a company. It raises this question: what percentage of the workforce is made up of these ideal employees? Since 2000 Gallup has measured employee engagement in an annual poll. Their most recent research reveals that 34% of US employees are considered to be enthusiastic about and committed to their work. This is up slightly from previous years, but is still a low number. The good news is there are easy and effective ways to increase the level of commitment your employees give.

Empathetic Leaders

Nearly three quarters of employees who consider their bosses to be compassionate don’t see themselves leaving their position in the next five years. Leaders with integrity are looked up to and inspire their employees to be more engaged. While this goes against the belief that only a tough task master gets results, studies show that a boss who cares about your welfare is more likely to earn your loyalty. And loyalty, of course, leads to greater job performance. Being genuine and fair towards an employee also positively affects the team around them.

Constant Communication

Like with any interpersonal relationship, communication is the glue that keeps employers and employees connected. From the top down, employees should be kept up to date on important developments within and about the company. Each employee should understand their role and how it contributes to achieving the company’s goals. Constructive criticism from managers is vital in letting employees know where they stand and can correct problems before they fester. Praise for a job well done makes employees feel appreciated and motivates them to perform better. This doesn’t have to be expressed monetarily and can be something as simple as a day off. Managers should check in frequently with their workers and invite open and honest communication in between reviews and regular meetings. They should also care about their employees’ lives outside of work. This strengthens the bond and gives employees a greater willingness to the extra mile for the company.

Provide Meaningful Work

Being fairly compensated motivates employees to perform, but they are most engaged when it’s clear how their role contributes to the company’s mission and purpose. As indicated in a previous blog (link), this is especially important to millennials. Achieving this involves more than simply hiring great talent—it requires putting the right people in the right positions to align with a company’s strategic objectives, vision, and culture. Using a recruitment company with a solid track record can greatly assist in this process.

Improving employee engagement doesn’t cost a thing and it makes your most important asset more efficient and happy. That means less turnover and greater profits. Imagine how much more your company could achieve if a larger percentage of your workforce was impassioned and all in.

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