Complacency: The Career Killer

Complacency: The Career Killer

You’re happy with your job, get along great with your coworkers, and respect the company you work for. That’s a good thing worth recognizing and appreciating. But be cautious, contentment and familiarity can breed complacency. And complacency is a subtle but deadly condition for your career. Here are four ways to stay on your toes and continue to grow so that it doesn’t happen to you.

Use Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If used properly, it can be a great motivator. Those who are the best at what they do never limit their challenges, they challenge their limits. They are constantly refining processes and learning new skills in order to add value to their company. This Chinese proverb offers valuable wisdom about being vigilant of stagnation: Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Seek Feedback

Don’t wait for performance reviews to ask your manager if you’re meeting and exceeding your benchmarks. By being proactive, making the necessary changes to your work habits will be easier, and in the process you’ll demonstrate your commitment to your boss. Also invite feedback from coworkers and mentors who will give you an honest assessment of where your job performance could use improvement. Good advice can become harder to get as our careers progress, mainly due to there being fewer people feeling comfortable to offer the truth. Avoid this scenario by surrounding yourself with colleagues that will tell you what you need to hear.

Always Be Evolving

Career growth has an unconscious way of signaling that how you’ve done things in the past is the only way to be successful. Unfortunately it’s a narrow view that often leads to a rut. The more flexible you are about your ideas, the more you’ll take in and learn. The continual changes in technology, across virtually every industry, make it imperative to be open to fresh ways of doing things. In order to keep your credentials sharp, you should also take courses to improve your competencies, read trade magazines, and attend industry conferences. In today’s marketplace, those that take staying relevant for granted will ultimately fall behind.

Connect with a Recruiter

A respected recruiter can keep you abreast of new career opportunities and inform you of what other employers are paying for your skill set. While you’re busy working, recruiters are working to grow their networks and pair top talent with ideal employers. You may feel safe and comfortable in your position now, but one key personnel change can dramatically alter your situation. Having a recruiter in your corner is an effective way to expand your horizons as well as keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. Another way to guard against an unexpected career shift is to set aside time each week to grow your network of professional contacts. They’ll be among the first ones you turn to when the winds of change blow.

Complacency can be like an easy chair that lulls you into believing things will stay as they are. But if you remain curious, take on new responsibilities, be open to risk, and prepare for change, you’ll keep your edge and keep your career moving in an upward direction. Set yourself up for success in your job search by using IMPACT Payments Recruiting to find opportunities that align with your career goals. From career advancement to increased compensation, IMPACT can help you achieve your employment objectives by matching you with opportunities from our global network of clients. Start your job search today with IMPACT!

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